Welcome to the Garden

Cassie, Missy & Mandy picking Cucumbers

Make yourself at home!

We're glad that you came, now you're in for work...
Take your time, look around if you have any questions we would be glad to answer them for you.  Look at our produce schedule for time-frame of availability. Our schedule for Farmers markets will be available soon.  Hope you enjoy the stay.

What we are up to Now

It is that time of year we are busy starting the little plants
and transplanting as they grow their 4th leaf.  The bedding
plant room is filling up.  Just Tomatoes, Peppers and Petunias
for right now.  We will start the Melons and Onions next week.

Produce Calendar

 Basil  July-September
 Beets  July-October
 Broccoli  June-September
 Cabbage  June-September
 Carrots  July
 Cherries  July
 Corn  July-October
 Cucumbers  May-September
 Dill  July-September
 Garlic  July-October
 Grapes  September
 Grape Plants May-June
 Lettuce  June-October
 Melons  July-September
 Onions  July-October
 Peppers  July-October
 Potatoes  July-October
 Pumpkins  Sept-October
 Raspberries  July
 Raspberry Plants May-June
 Summer Squash  July-October
 Strawberries  June-October
 Sweet Potatoes  September-October
 Swiss Chard  May-October
 Tomatoes  July-October
 Tomatillos  Sept-October
 Winter Squash  September-October
Note: Subject  to availability